What happened to the Coffee Market?

"Would our wonderful farmers work to be appreciated or otherwise?" this was the question that we had raised nearly two months ago. we predicted some price actions which were to happen within the near future. Almost after 2 months we have our results. Lets see what have we published on 1st of April 2019. coffee... Continue Reading →

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Understanding The Coffee Tasters Flavour wheel

Before we talk about what flavour wheel is and what it really means, let’s try to understand taste and flavour. Taste is the one of the sensory mechanisms that has been created to test matter before consume.This phenomenon happens via gustatory cells (or taste buds otherwise) which have been located across the tongue and along the... Continue Reading →

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Science of Crema and the Taste Balance

Crema is one of the most important parameters of espresso coffee. When an espresso is being percolated under optimum pressure and temperature, diffused carbon dioxide (CO2) that has trapped within the coffee cells along the process of photosynthesis, creates a micro foam layer on top level of the espresso. This layer of foam named as... Continue Reading →

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The Mechanics Of The Coffee Economy

The coffee retail business is highly considered as a recession proof business. But during this recession, it was proven otherwise.Since the pandemic started Arabica Coffee Futures has been somewhat ranging around 120 cents/lb. The highest value coffee has reached since then was 139.30 cents/lb. However, what is to unfold during the upcoming few months for... Continue Reading →

COFFEE, Has The Time Arrived?

Has the time arrived for #coffee price to go up and be a gold mine for #farmers or would it be otherwise? COFFEE-TECHNICAL ANALYSE On the weekly chart price has created a wave A of Y. Expected next move up to create wave B of Y On the daily chart price is on the wave 5 of declining... Continue Reading →

The Final Count Down or If not … the First Alarm

17th of September, Last Monday, Group of coffee farmers from Colombia demonstrated their Frustration and anger by gathering in front of the European Union Embassy in Bogota. Few weeks ago representatives from Colombia and Brazil gathered at the Brazilian Ministry of agriculture to issue a joint statement on the crisis on the price. What is... Continue Reading →

Caffeine and Decaffeination

Caffeine is a one of the major components that can be found within coffee, tea and some other consumable products. Caffeine is a white substance which is odourless and bitter.Caffeine is also known as 1, 3, 7-Trimethylxanthine.But it has its IUPAC name named as 1, 3, 7-trimethylpurine-2,6-dione. Caffeine It is very interesting to study how... Continue Reading →

Coffee Lipids and Grinders

Lipids are defined in chemistry as naturally occurring substances that insoluble in water but soluble in non-polar organic solvents. (Ether, alcohol, chloroform (CHCl3) ..) Most commonly triacylglycerols, fatty acids and sterols are holding the higher percentages of lipids within green bean. However most of the oils/lipids are being pushed towards the outer layer of the... Continue Reading →

Coffee Acids and Milk Curdles

Acids Before we talk about coffee acids, it is better to understand what an acid is,even briefly.One of the simplest definitions was given by Bronsted-Lowry after Arrhenius by using hydrogen atom or proton otherwise. Bronsted-Lowry definition; “A substance as an acid if it acts as a proton donor and as a base if it acts as a proton acceptor”... Continue Reading →

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