UK Barista Championship 2016


It has been a wonderful journey all the way to having trained first time competitor Lina Piprek for SCAE UKBC 2016. Having said that, Lina has been awarded the best espresso and the 3rd place of UKBC 2016-London heat.



Our theme was coffee chemistry. We were talking about the chemical compounds that responsible for the major flavour components within our espresso.
The coffee that we used from Panama has wonderful tropical flavours. methyl butyrate was one of the major compounds which was responsible for the pineapple flavour within the espresso.

Methyl butyrate (C5H10O2)

Methyl butanoate

The aspect of the signature beverage that was developed had the idea of bringing the unseen flavours to live.  In order to do that we mixed some prime ingredients that has some wonderful esters and ketones to synchronise  with our espresso to create new flavour compounds.
We believe this is rather exciting and important when it comes to espresso gastronomy rather than exaggerating espresso’s existing flavour notes.


As the conclusion of our presentation we wanted to establish an idea about how we evaluate our coffee. There are many possible ways that you can use to bring unseen flavours to live within you espresso. Once you have done it, you’ll understand that Invisibility of countless flavours is no longer in argument with visibility of countless others.

Performance Video

UKBC 2016 – LONDON HEAT- Lina Piprek